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Have you lost or forgotten your dices?
Do you think it's more fun to use digital ones than real ones?
No matter what, this app is definitely perfect for you.
With it's great design and great functions you won't be disappointed.

Dice types:
You can choose on 9 different dice types.

  • A coin, to get 50/50 results
  • d4 dice, 1-4
  • d6 dice, 1-6 with dots (classic dice)
  • d6 dice, 1-6 with numbers
  • d8 dice, 1-8
  • d10 dice, 0-9
  • d10 dice, 00-90
  • d12 dice, 1-12
  • d20 dice, 1-20

You can choose among five different colours. White, red, green, blue and yellow.
16,777,216 different colors in Pro-version thanks to the RGB-slider.


  • By pressing a dice you will lock it.
  • You can move them around the screen.
  • You can remove the dices you don't want and bring them back later.
  • Count the sum of all dices, the locked and unlocked.
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